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One Hour SMART Facelift

One Hour SMART Facelift Photos

Dr. Summers performed a One Hour Facelift and some liposuction of the neck in this gentleman. He reports being much happier with a softer, more rested appearance. His results have lasted more than 3 years. NOTE: The One Hour SMART Facelift is particularly helpful in men because there are no facial incisions, preventing scars and eliminating concerns about shifting the hairline.

Cost: $7,000

This 57 year old woman underwent a One Hour SMART facelift. She is shown here prior to the procedure and three weeks after Dr. Summers performed the procedure. She has maintained her rejuvenated appearance with elevation of the cheeks, jowls and neck for more than 5 years. She is thrilled with the long-term results. Her before and after photos were featured in Good Housekeeping Magazine.

Cost: $10,500

Dr. Summers One Hour Facelift was customized to work with the contours of this 58 year old woman’s face. She is shown before and one week after the procedure – demonstrating minimal downtime. The cheeks and jowls were elevated – no other procedures were performed. She has returned for follow-up 5 years following her original procedure and the cheeks and jowls remain elevated. She is very pleased.

Cost: $7,500

This 50 year old woman underwent Dr. Summers’ One Hour SMART Facelift procedure. The corner of her eyes, cheeks, jowls and neck were lifted. No other procedures were performed. Her results have been featured in the Baltimore Sun newspaper.

Cost: $7,000

This 52-year-old woman underwent a One Hour Facelift by Dr. Summers. She is shown before and one month after the procedure. The cheeks and jowls were lifted. She remains completely satisfied over 4 years from the date of her original procedure. Her before and after results were featured in Redbook Magazine and New Beauty Magazine.

Cost: $7,000

This 53 year old woman was very pleased with the elevation of her cheeks and jowls following a One Hour Facelift with Dr. Summers. She also had a brow lift procedure. She has maintained her good results over 5 years without any other facial rejuvenation procedures.

Cost: $10,500

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