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You may recall that Richard Fish (an attorney on the show “Ally McBeal”) had a fetish about neck waddles.

In the event you are not as excited about neck waddles as Richard, we have a variety of non-surgical procedures that can reduce or remove your waddle, including Kybella injections to melt the fat, laser skin melting, laser skin tightening, and neuromodulator injections to smooth the muscles.

However, in some patients, a combination of fat removal, muscle smoothing and skin tightening are best treated in one visit with a necklift procedure.

There are a variety of different techniques for a neck lift, including minimally invasive procedures.
For example, using an incision hidden under the chin, the extra fat is permanently removed. Then, the neck muscles are tightened using permanent sutures. Finally, the excess skin is removed.

Dr. Summers modifications include short incisions under the chin and in the crease of the ear. In most patients, this eliminates the visible scar in the hairline while lifting the neck — in men, this can be done without displacing the beard.

When you schedule your complimentary consultation during the month of April, ask us how you can save 50% on the surgeon’s fee when you have a neck lift procedure.

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