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4 reasons to visit a medspa

Here are a few other reasons to consider taking this route to accomplishing your cosmetic goals.


Taking some time off of work to enjoy a day at the spa may be all you need to wind down and boost your self-esteem. While a typical day spa can help you achieve these short-term goals, a medical spa may be the extra step you need to take to ensure the long-lasting results of cosmetic enhancement.

According to Beauty Wire magazine, a day spa is a facility that offers services like facials, massages, makeup and nails. A medical spa, also referred to as a medspa, provides more depth than this, supplying treatments like chemical peels, injectables and laser services.

Pamper yourself with a day at the medspa.Pamper yourself with a day at the medspa.

If you’re looking for a day of pampering that goes beyond a simple facial, a medspa is the place to visit. Here are a few other reasons to consider taking this route to accomplish your cosmetic goals:

1. Enhance your lips
If you’ve always had small, dull lips and are sick of overlining them with makeup to make them appear larger, a med spa can introduce to lip injectables. Fillers like Restylane, Juvederm and Perlane are most commonly found in medical spas, and they’re essentially used to reverse the signs of aging, such as lip dullness, which Juvederm takes care of specifically. Undergoing this treatment results in long-lasting volume added the lips for natural looking fullness.

2. Improve the appearance of your skin
Whether you’ve been living with discoloration in your skin, adult acne, uneven tone and texture or even a strong and unsightly appearance of veins throughout your body, a trip to the medspa can benefit you.

A chemical peel, for example, can be used to improve skin tone and remove fine lines by removing the top layer of skin. This gives the face a fresh start, enabling the complexion to look younger and healthier.

Microdermabrasion goes a step further and removes two layers of skin with strong exfoliation while also boosting circulation and collagen production. This treatment is helpful for those with deep scars and pigmentation conditions.

“A med spa specialist can design a personalized treatment plan for you.”

Eczema treatment is ideal for someone who lives with the common chronic skin condition that inflames the complexion, making the surface itchy, red and uncomfortable. The med spa specialist can design a personalized treatment plan for you based on your signs and symptoms.

A laser facelift may even be in your future if you want to tighten loose neck skin without the hassle that comes with getting a traditional facelift. Instead of going under the knife, certified med spa specialists use the latest laser technology to smooth the jaw line and lift sagging skin on your face with little to no recovery time.

3. Get rid of unwanted hair
Perhaps you’ve always grown thick, hair all over your body and have had a difficult time keeping up with it from shaving. A typical day spa may suggest waxing to remove the hair, but the results are not as long lasting as laser hair treatment. Offered at most med spas, laser hair removal is used to get rid of dark, light, thick or thin hair from any skin type.

4. Melt away body fat
Stubborn fat isn’t always eliminated by an improved diet and more exercise. Thankfully, there are alternative methods of removing the excess pounds without the hassle. At a med spa, you can benefit from FDA-approved laser treatments that are designed to melt away body fat in areas like the abdomen, hips, arms, knees, thighs and buttocks. The time it takes to perform the treatment is minimal and can require little to no recovery time.

Visit Maryland’s Pure MedSpa
Alongside our plastic surgery offerings, Maryland Plastic Surgery also serves as the state’s first true medical spa. From skin fillers and chemical peels, laser hair removal and laser facials, we offer a variety of spa treatments that are both affordable and effective. Our main goal is to provide all clients with a flawless experience, helping them feel refreshed and confident the second they leave.

Are you interested in becoming your best self? Visit our Pure MedSpa today or call 1-410-553-9444 for more information on a treatment that peaks your interest.

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