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Mini Facelift

Mini Facelift

If you have sagging jowls and some loose skin of the upper neck, a mini-facelift procedure may be the right procedure for you. In many cases, this can be combined with skin resurfacing to simultaneously lift the jowls and smooth away lines and wrinkles.

Mini-Facelift (S-Lift, MACS Lift, Quicklift, Lifestyle Lift): 
Dr. Summers was one of the first surgeons in the region to perform mini-facelift procedures. The mini-facelift procedure had been described years previously as a skin-only procedure, but was abandoned by many surgeons due to a lack of long-term results. Dr. Summers modified the mini-facelift in 1999 with tightening of the lateral SMAS (the thick layer of tissue under the facial skin).

The mini-facelift is a “true” facelift procedure and involves an incision in front of the ear to remove excess skin. The procedure takes about 2 hours and, in almost all cases, patients have their mini-facelift under a local anesthesia. Patients with a lot of skin laxity or excess neck skin may require a full facelift procedure. The only way to know for sure is to be seen for a consultation at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center.

Variations of the mini-facelift have been marketed as the Lifestyle Lift® and the Quicklift® procedures. Although, the Lifestyle Lift company went out of business due to mismanagement, the mini-facelift procedure remains an appropriate procedure for many individuals. (Note: Neither Maryland Plastic Surgery nor Dr. Summers are affiliated with Lifestyle Lift® or Quicklift®.)

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