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Get Rid of Your Rosacea Today

Skin issues just don’t just affect young people. Many adults struggle with rosacea. When bacteria builds up rosacea can form, resulting in acne-like breakouts. Luckily, there is a way to fight back against these bumps and blotches with a series of rosacea treatments.

Treating rosacea is quick and pain-free. Most therapies involve intense pulsed light, causing blood vessels to tighten and collagen to regrow. Laser treatments can also reduce the size of capillaries.

Thanks to advancements in technology, most patients see results within two to three weeks. Not only that, but side effects are minimal. Oftentimes, patients don’t experience anything beyond peeling skin and light bruising.

If you want clearer, younger looking skin, you should book an appointment with Dr. Adam Summers of Maryland Plastic Surgery. Dr. Summers and his staff have fine-tuned the rosacea treatment process, resulting in fewer side effects and a faster recovery time.

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