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Kelly Ripa swears by Botox

Though she uses a low-carb diet to stay in shape, TV personality Kelly Ripa revealed that the No. 1 product that has changed her life is Botox.

“I’m not advocating one way or the other but I’m just saying Botox has changed my life. It’s cut my getting ready time in half,” Ripa revealed in an interview with Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live.” “Because suddenly my eyelids are no longer resting on my eyelashes. I think the key with anything is knowing what you look like and being a minimalist.”

Ripa revealed much the same in an interview with Elle magazine in February as well, being no stranger to minimally invasive facial rejuvination. She went on to say that she has used Botox in numerous places – even her armpits to reduce sweating.

Also discussing her diet and exercise routines, Ripa revealed that she was self-conscious about her weight in her teens and 20s, having been fat shamed during her time on “All My Children.” She attributes her lean physique to cutting sugar and processed foods from her diet and focusing on organic vegetables, salads and omega-3-rich fatty fish, as well as daily workouts.

Botox-type injections (including Dysport, a competitor of Botox) can help redefine anyone’s life.  Dr. Summers is one of the leading regional experts delivering these treatments.  He has performed over 10,000 Botox and Dysport treatments. In fact, Dr. Summers is in such demand that he has a waiting list for treatments and many patients come from out-of-state for treatment.

Of course, these injections are not the only procedure that can be done to improve your skin. Laser skin tightening and other options can provide the look you desire with a quick recovery time afterward.

For more information on Dysport and other skin enhancement treatments, contact Maryland Plastic Surgery Center and discuss your options for any beauty needs.

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