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Know how long your cosmetic procedure will ‘last’

Few cosmetic surgeries are 100 percent permanent, and while the effects may last for many years, non-invasive cosmetic procedures tend to have a shorter life span. Many patients go into their plastic surgeon’s office expecting a permanent change, but it is important to remember that, for lasting effects, you may need to have a procedure redone or touched up in other ways once every few months or years.

Below is a list of popular cosmetic procedures and their average duration:

Breast augmentationBreast implants typically need to be replaced every 10-30 years, depending on the quality and material of the implants themselves. For some women, this may mean they will last as long as desired, but for others, they may need to be replaced.

FaceliftFacelifts range depending on the severity of the procedure, the age and lifestyle of the patient, and his or her skincare choices afterward. There are a variety of techniques that fall under the moniker of “facelift” as well, which wil​l determine how long the effects last. However, the patient can touch up their looks with regular Botox injections and other cosmetic surgery with quick recovery.

Liposuction – It is difficult to gauge how long liposuction will “last,” because it varies depending on the individual and his or her fitness and health. It is very important for patients to also change their lifestyle when opting for liposuction in order to maintain the figure they gain through the procedure.

RhinoplastyA nose job is one of the few procedures that is often permanent. Because rhinoplasty usually reshapes the actual structure of the nose, it is rare for a patient to need another procedure, unless it is to correct problems with the first one or further alter their appearance.

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