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Minimal Scar

I perform many different types of breast enhancement procedures, including augmentation, reduction and breast lift procedures.  The specific type of procedure (and cost) would be determined at the time of your consultation.  Prices range from $3,500 – $8,500.  In many cases, a breast reduction or breast lift procedure may be safely combined with liposuction and/or an abdominoplasty.  Whenever possible, a minimally invasive (mimimal incision) procedure is performed.

For example, you may be interested to learn that, in appropriately selected patients, I have been doing a “minimally invasive” / “minimal scar” breast lift procedure.  This involves removal of excess fat via lipolysis (ultrasonic or laser assisted) followed by a periareolar lift.  The result is a smaller, “perkier” breast with nipples placed back in the position they were in youth.  Adjustments can even be made to correct for asymmetric breasts.

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