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One Hour Facelift

The 1-Hour Facelift and Necklift procedure is the least invasive type of surgical facelift available.

(Note: Prior to Dr. Summers’ 1-Hour-Facelift, the least invasive surgical facelift was known as a mini-facelift or an “S-lift” – variations of which have been marketed by companies not affiliated with Dr. Summers such as a “Quicklift” or “Lifestyle Lift®”.  Mini-facelift procedures involve an incision in front of the ear (and occassionally behind the ear) and removal of some skin – this incision and skin removal are NOT performed with our 1-Hour Facelift and Necklift procedure.  Instead, Dr. Summers’ 1-Hour-Facelift procedure utilizes a combination of suture suspension techniques, including the Threadlift.)

Having performed suture suspension procedures since the mid-1990’s, I believe that I have more experience with this procedure than any other plastic surgeon in the region.  And, as the first plastic surgeon in the region to offer the Threadlift procedure, I can provide you with the benefit of my experience.  This procedure was recently the featured story on WUSA-9 News.  To see the video and learn all about the Threadlift one hour facelift procedure, click the following link:


The Threadlift procedure utilizes a special suture (it’s an actual suture, not a “thread” and is the same type of material we use to suture different types of wounds) that has been modified for this purpose.  The “threads” are permanent – they are not absorbed by the body.  I published a paper in 1998 that discusses the biomechanics of a procedure similar to the Threadlift (the facial “sling”) and we are seeing results lasting at least 5 years.  In the event there is recurrence of facial laxity, it is possible to insert a new thread to restore the desired result.

This procedure works very well in appropriately selected individuals (see below to help decide if you are a good candidate). It takes about one hour to perform under a local anesthesia.

In addition to the Threadlift, there are a number of non-invasive and minimally invasive facelift procedures available that may restore your appearance without resorting to a full facelift.  The ultimate in non-surgical procedures is “Non-Surgical Skin Tightening” (NSST) using the Thermage or Titan procedures combined with a Threadlift/Featherlift.

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening (NSST) is a fantastic procedure that provides immediate tightening of the skin while stimulating new collagen production to further tighten skin over time.  Typically, noticeable results are seen within hours to days, and dramatic changes are seen over several months after a single treatment!

The treatment is so effective that, in appropriately selected patients, it provides similar results to that of a browlift, blepharoplasty (upper or lower eyelid lift), mini-facelift or necklift.

I’m pleased to inform you that MARYLAND PLASTIC SURGERY is the only cosmetic surgery center in the country to offer a guarantee on the results you may achieve with NSST.

To the best of my knowledge, we are also the only cosmetic surgery center that can offer the FULL range of cosmetic procedures for non-invasive and minimally invasive facial rejuvenation, which means that we won’t recommend a procedure for you just because we have it available – we will recommend it for you if we feel you are a good candidate to have the procedure performed.

Best of all, we can perform many procedures with minimal or NO discomfort – this is in great contrast to most other centers.  We can provide this type of experience for you because of our significant experience with non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures.

If you are interested in facial rejuvenation, please visit us for a consultation.  Here’s what you can expect…

You will arrive at our center, which is more like a spa than a doctor’s office.  You will be evaluated for a number of factors, including an evaluation of your skin, overall physical condition and social activities. Then, based on your desires and the results of your evaluation, one or more of the following procedures may be recommended:

  • Skin care treatments at home with prescription strength topical solutions
  • Acne elimination and control treatment and maintenance programs
  • Office based treatments (microdermabrasion, chemical peels, etc.)
  • Light based skin rejuvenation treatments (Laser, IPL, FotoFacial, etc.)
  • Infrared laser (Titan) for skin tightening
  • Radiofrequency (Thermage) treatment for skin tightening
  • CO2 laser resurfacing to remove wrinkles
  • Injection of Fillers (Restylane, Juvederm, Sculptra) or Botox to reduce wrinkles
  • Minimally invasive facelift (S-lift, Threadlift)
  • Facial lipostructure (fat transfer, liposuction)
  • Lip enhancement procedures

Many of these treatment have NO DOWNTIME – you can go out to dinner the same day as the procedure!

If we recommend a non-invasive skin tightening procedure (e.g. Thermage or Titan) for you and you do not obtain significant results, you may repeat the procedure at a discount or have a credit applied to another procedure – the details of this are reviewed with each patient.

Once you have selected a treatment program, we will schedule you for the actual procedure.  You will return for the treatment at a time which is convenient for you.  All treatments are performed on-site, in the privacy of our medical spa or certified procedure/operating rooms.


Q: Are you a candidate for a One Hour Facelift?

If your cheeks are “falling” you are a candidate for the procedure.  You will notice that your cheeks have fallen if your nasolabial fold (the crease from the corner of your nose to the angle of your mouth) has deepened, jowling is present, and a groove is present between your lower eyelid and your cheek (sometimes this looks like fat is bulging from the lower eyelid).

I am able to raise the corner (angle) of the eye with the Threadlift, so the procedure can help to rejuvenate the eye area.  However, if the lower eyelid skin is loose or “bagging”, you may need a different or ancillary procedure to obtain the best results.

Although the Threadlift procedure has been used for brow elevation and neck tightening, the results in these applications are quite limited to very select patients.

Q: How does the One Hour Threadlift Facelift work?

Local anesthesia (novocaine) is used to completely numb the facial area. The special contour threads are inserted through a small incision and then secured.  The incision is closed and you will be able to appreciate an immediate improvement in your appearance.  The procedure takes about an hour.  Typically, there is minimal to no swelling or bruising.

Q: How long does the One Hour Threadlift Facelift last?

Because every patient ages differently, it is impossible to predict how long the beneficial results will last in any individual.  I expect the results to last up to five years.  However, the actual longevity will be based on how well you take care of your skin (e.g. sun avoidance), genetics, stress and other environmental factors.  Unlike other procedures, it is possible to tighten existing threads or add additional threads if you notice a recurrence of sagging skin.

Q: How much does the One Hour Threadlift Facelift cost?

I charge about $5,000 for a typical One Hour Threadlift Facelift procedure for elevation of the cheeks and jowls – the neck is also improved with this procedure.  The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and patients are able to return to normal, non-strenuous activities immediately afterwards.  Although we do not offer financing directly, we do have a number of third party lenders who would provide you with this service – click here for more information.


Q: Are you a candidate for Non-Surgical Skin Tightening (NSST)?

If you have a deepening fold running from the side of the nose down toward the angle of the mouth (the “nasolabial fold”), falling cheeks, jowling, or low eyebrows, you may be a good candidate for NSST.  We have also seen dramatic improvements in the appearance of old scars from acne or trauma.

The procedure can tighten loose skin anywhere on the body.  It has been used successfully to improve arms, legs and the abdomen (essentially giving people the results of a tummy-tuck without surgery!).

If your skin is very lax (sagging) you may not achieve optimal results with NSST and we may recommend another treatment in addition to or instead of Thermage.  Examples include excessively loose upper or lower eyelid skin requiring a surgical blepharoplasty or laser resurfacing, thin skin with jowling necessitating a surgical lift.

Q: How does NSST work?

The procedure involves the application of a hand-held device (about 1cm in diameter) to the surface of the skin.  The device is turned-on and a pulse of radiofrequency energy (Thermage) or infrared energy (Titan) is delivered – there is a brief warming sensation followed by a cooling sensation.  The device is moved to the next area and the treatment is repeated.  The energy is absorbed by the skin and essentially “melts” some of the collagen, resulting in an immediate tightening of the skin.  The process also stimulates your own body’s natural healing response to cause new collagen production – this is why further (and more dramatic) results are seen over time.  The procedure takes between 1 and 3 hours.  The treated area is typically slightly flushed for about 1 hour after the procedure.

Q: How long do NSST results last?

Theoretically, the new collagen that is produced is “permanent”. Unfortunately, we continue to age – the procedure does not stop time. Therefore, over time, the results will appear to be reversing but this is because of continued aging.  Things that hasten aging include sun exposure and smoking – so these should be avoided to obtain longer lasting results.

Q: What is the cost of NSST?

We charge $1,300 to treat the forehead region (including upper eyelids) and $2,400 to treat the cheeks and neck (including lower eyelids).  You will receive the maximum number of pulses from our treatment regimen, which has been shown to improve the results of the Thermage treatment.  If someone is offering a better price, let us know – most likely they are not providing the same number of pulses per treatment.  Also, we give you the option of purchasing additional pulses to optimize your treatment.  Although we do not offer financing directly, we do have a number of third party lenders who would provide you with this service – click here for more information.

To learn more about your options or to schedule your personal appointment, please call our office at 410-553-9444.  We will review your needs and desires in the private comfort of our medical spa.  Alternatively, you may use our on-line form to request an appointment.

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