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Reasons to consider body contouring for weight loss

Read on to learn some of the reasons you might consider taking this route to healthier living.


Obesity is something that impacts a large portion of the country. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all 50 states have more than 20% of adults with obesity as of 2017. With such a high prevalence of people living with excess weight, it’s important to prioritize physical activity and wholesome eating habits and find methods that can help eliminate pounds and maximize healthy living potential. Body contouring, in the form of a tummy tuck, liposuction or lift, can help you eliminate the stubborn weight that’s been holding you back for years.

If you’re unsure of this option, read on to learn some of the reasons you might consider taking this route to healthier living:

1. Eliminate what can’t be solved with a healthy lifestyle
Metabolism isn’t a concrete process that’s the same for everyone. Some people can eat whatever they want and see zero gain, while others have to watch what they eat, exercise daily and they still might not even maintain a healthy weight. If you fall under the latter, body contouring is perfect for you. In fact, weight loss surgeries are meant for people who need help losing stubborn pounds while following a healthy lifestyle. It’s not for someone who’s just starting a weight loss journey.

2. Target those problem areas once and for all
As mentioned earlier, it can be difficult to remain motivated and continue going to the gym if you have a problem area that won’t subside no matter how much work you put in. If you find that your underarms, thighs, lower abdomen or other specific area is the only thing retaining excess pounds, body contouring makes the ideal option.

Reduce excess weight in those problem areas.Reduce excess weight in those problem areas.

3. Eliminate discomfort and feel comfortable in your own skin
Sagging skin that comes with excess weight can be very uncomfortable and simply unbearable for some. Irritation, pain and chaffing are common results of having excess skin folds and can even lead to an issue like intertrigo, according to Medicine Net. Body contouring will remove this excess skin and make it easier to go about your daily activities with no stress or discomfort.

4. Achieve your weight loss goals
Perhaps you’re at the end of your weight loss journey and you can’t seem to shake the last 20 pounds that keep you from achieving your goal weight. Body contouring can be the final step to becoming your healthiest, most confident self.

5. Maintain your healthiest body
Weight maintenance is something that many people struggle with, and it often causes people to give up on healthy lifestyle choices. If you feel like the work you’re putting into maintaining your weight becomes too much because your results diminish quickly, body contouring can help.

“SculpSure uses heat to destroy fat cell below the skin.”

SculpSure fat removal, for instance, is a laser fat reduction treatment that targets the problem area with heat to destroy fat cells below the skin. Don’t be alarmed, however – it’s cool to touch on the surface of the skin for a comfortable and safe procedure. Because it eliminates the fat cells for good, you can count on weight maintenance.

6. Regain your confidence 
Perhaps you recently lost a lot of weight and now you’re dealing with excess skin. Body contouring can help you regain your confidence and feel good about all of the effort you put into losing weight. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is a very important aspect of life that many push to the side. Let body contouring help you smile when you look in the mirror and feel confident when you’re face to face with others.

At Maryland Plastic Surgery, our top priority is helping you look and feel your absolute best. With that in mind, we’ve created numerous customized treatments that can help you eliminate excess weight that won’t diminish with healthy eating and physical activity. From liposuction and tummy tucks to breast reductions and body lifts, we have various body contouring surgeries to choose from.

Don’t hide behind a t-shirt all summer; you deserve to feel confident in your favorite swimsuit. To learn more about our plastic and cosmetic surgery options, contact us directly today to schedule your consultation.

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