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The rise of #belfies and buttock augmentations

Can social media affect the elective cosmetic procedures people choose to undergo? Experts believe it can and even is right now.

According to Glamour Magazine, Instagram posts such as those from Kim Kardashian and Iggy Azalea are enticing women to look into procedures to enhance their backsides. These “#belfies” or backside selfies, are seemingly everywhere on social media feeds.

The Maryland Plastic Surgery Center offers three different types of buttock recontouring procedures.

  • Buttock implants
  • Fat transfer
  • Liposuction.

Dr. Summers of the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center recommends a fat transfer or liposuction instead of buttock implants, due to their high rate of potential complications. A liposuction procedure can contour the buttocks, and when performed properly can cause a slight upward rotation for a more pronounced curve.

In a fat transfer, fat is removed from other body areas such as the thighs, hip, or abdomen. The fat is then purified and re-injected into the buttocks. This is also known as the “Brazilian Butt Lift.”

Data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) indicates that almost 10,000 buttock augmentations were performed in 2013, a 16 percent increase from 2014. As of February 2015, buttock augmentations have risen 86 percent.

Recovery time varies depending on patient health history, overall health, desired changes and expectations. Your surgeon will discuss all of these issues with you, as well as others during your consultation. Be sure to ask questions about concerns you may have about the procedure before agreeing to have the surgery.

As with any major surgical procedure there are possible risks and complications that can occur. Some of these risks include bruising, infection and bleeding. These should be discussed with your surgeon as well.

If you are interested in learning more about a buttock augmentation or any other surgical procedure, visit our website or schedule a consultation today.

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