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Can I get a quote over the phone?

Most of the MedSpa procedures are able to be quoted over the phone. To help you budget for your procedure, we offer fixed prices for many laser and injectable treatments which are based on the body area, not the amount of laser time or injectable product used. In most cases, loyalty discounts and package prices are available which reduce the overall costs. Unless otherwise specified, you should consider that all treatments will need to be performed as a “series” of treatments in order to achieve and maintain the desired results. In some cases, a single payment is good for a “lifetime” of treatments. For example, with our “Hair Free Guarantee” any single body area can be treated an unlimited number of times to stop new hair growth from occurring. 

Surgical procedures are more challenging to quote over the phone due to the considerable variety in body types, skin types, prior surgical results, restrictions on downtime, and so on. A thin patient wanting a small amount of liposuction who has never had liposuction before vs. a heavy patient who has had prior surgery are very different procedures. Depending on the surgery and the patient, some procedures may be done under sedation vs general anesthesia, which can affect the price considerably. In addition, we perform a wide range of surgical procedures. For example, we do 5 different types of brow lifts, 10 different types of facelifts, 5 different types of breast lifts, 5 different types of tummy-tucks, 5 different types of liposuction, etc. Whenever, possible, we recommend minimally invasive procedures to minimize the downtime, risk and cost — but this can only be determined during a consultation. If any quote is provided over the phone, that will be a non-binding quote as an evaluation must be performed to provide you with a customized solution. That being said, to help you begin to budget for your procedure, we do list “typical” historical price ranges and starting prices for various procedures on the website. Prices listed on the website are “all inclusive” and include all surgeon fees, facility fees, anesthesia fees, implants (as applicable), and all follow-up visits. 

NOTE: Please note that procedures where the word “full” is used on other websites may be misleading. For example, some patients see the term “full facelift” and expect that the procedure includes a browlift, upper eyelid lift, lower eyelid lift, cheek/jowl lift, lip lift, and neck lift. However, as used in surgery, a “full facelift” typically only means that the cheeks, jowls and upper neck are lifted. Similarly, a “full tummy-tuck” does not mean that the waistline, hips or back are treated. Although we do not recommend that you select your surgeon on price alone, if you are comparing prices, make sure that you have a firm understanding of what the quoted price includes and if there is any possibility you will be responsible for fees after the surgery. This can happen if a hospital or surgery center bills a patient after their surgery due to unexpected use of medications, instrumentation, personnel or otherwise. At the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center, your quoted price includes all of these items and, you will not receive any other bills by MPS for services/products related directly to your scheduled procedure.

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