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How long do procedures take?

MedSpa procedures involving an injection are typically completed in less than 30 minutes. Laser treatments depend on the zone(s) treated and type of laser used. For example, laser hair removal on a small area can take 15-30 minutes. However, laser skin resurfacing on multiple areas may take several hours. We will discuss the estimated time for your procedure with you in advance of the procedure so you can make arrangements for your day. Please note that some procedures may take longer than the estimated time due to a variety of factors, including equipment/personnel availability, patient comfort, etc. 

If we have told you that your procedure will limit your ability to drive (for example, after an aggressive laser resurfacing treatment), you will be required to have a ride home from the procedure. In most cases, people have a friend or family member pick them up, but a driving service (eg Uber, Lyft, taxi, limo) is usually acceptable.

Surgical procedures are quite variable in their length, and run from 1 hour to all day. The time we give you usually includes the pre-op time, procedure time, and post-op time. So, if a surgical procedure is noted to be 4 hours, please verify if that is the total time you will be at the facility (pre-op, surgical, and post-op) or if it is just the surgical time. If it is just the surgical time, you should probably add at least 2 hours to get the total time. This is important because we want your family member (or whomever is expecting to pick you up) to be able to plan their day. Of course, we will be in contact with your ride to inform them of your progress and expected completion time.

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