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What is the difference between IPL and BBL?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Broad Band Light (BBL) are typically used synonymously. The term IPL is “generic” and BBL is a trademarked term by Sciton. Some individuals may claim that there is a difference in the technologies with a “broader” spectrum of light used with BBL, but technically they are equivalent with multiple wavelengths of light being emitted from the device.

NOTE: You may see the term BBL used in place of IPL for any IPL device. This is because the term BBL has been in widespread use essentially resulting in the trademark falling into common parlance. Of note, neither IPL nor BBL are technically lasers. Because IPL/BBL use a broad range of light, they will be more reactive to varying pigments. In contrast, lasers use a specific wavelength and “focus” on a particular target such as a hair follicle, blood vessel, or single color of pigment. Additionally, lasers are technically “safer” because they are less reactive (more controlled), but ultimate safety is conditional on more than just the device type.

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