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What is the Lifestyle Lift and how is that different than Dr. Summers’ SMART Faclift?

The Lifestyle Lift procedure is a “mini-facelift” type of procedure which involves incisions around the ear, removal of skin, displacement of the hairline, gathering of skin behind the ear and a permanent scar around the ear. This procedure was marketed by the Lifestyle Lift Company which has gone out of business. Their business model was to market a simple procedure to the public as if it was something new and revolutionary. The reality is that any plastic surgeon who performs facelift procedures is more than qualified to perform a mini-facelift procedure.

Dr. Summers’ one-hour SMART facelift procedure is significantly different than the Lifestyle Lift facelift or any other mini-facelift technique. With Dr. Summers’ one-hour SMART facelift procedure, there are no incisions made in front of or behind the ear, so there is no visible scar in this area, nor is there any risk of troublesome gathering of skin behind the ear. Additionally, there is no displacement of the hairline, which is particularly important for men who, otherwise, might have to shave behind their earlobe. Plus, unlike other procedures, the one-hour SMART facelift actually repairs the ligaments holding the fat pads up. Since the ligaments are repaired, completely natural contours are restored and the skin does not get pulled. This procedure has unique long-lasting results.

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