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Lose weight in a healthy way

Nearly everyone wants to shed a few extra pounds, especially as we head toward the new year. Here are some healthy ways you can get a slimmer figure:

  • Keep a food journal: Try writing down everything you eat in a food journal. Reader’s Digest reported that individuals who don’t keep track of their food intake end up eating about 15 percent more than those who do.
  • Keep healthy food at the ready: When you’re hungry, you’ll inevitably end up reaching for whatever’s easiest and close at hand. To battle weight gain, keep some fruits and vegetables washed and ready to go. You’ll end up snacking healthier and losing weight before you know it.
  • Make a mantra: Think of a mantra that you can say in your head over and over whenever you’re struggling with sticking to healthy habits. Your mantra should be positive and self-accepting to battle the negative thoughts that can take over whenever you attempt something new.
  • Recruit a weight loss buddy: Making a pact with a friend to lose weight together is highly motivating for many people. Having a partner will help you stay accountable and will provide you with moral support and a sympathetic ear throughout your journey.
  • Stick to water: Avoiding drinks like juice and soda is a relatively easy way to attain a healthier lifestyle and shed some unwanted pounds.
  • Watch less television: We often overeat when we’re watching television, so put down the remote and opt for some exercise instead.

If you have unwanted fat deposits on your body that don’t seem to respond to diet and exercise, you can also contact Dr. Adam Summers at Maryland Plastic Surgery to ask about liposuction. Dr. Summers is an expert in non-invasive cosmetic procedures, and particularly in liposuction, having performed the process on thousands of patients over the course of his career. Stop criticizing your body and start loving it today.

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