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2018 Trends in Plastic Surgery

With social media and reality television on the rise, plastic surgery is becoming more popular than ever. According to the National Plastic Surgery Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgery, there were 17.5 million cosmetics procedures in 2017, up two percent from the previous year.

While there are numerous cosmetic surgeries that will always be popular – such as breast augmentation and implants, face lifts, traditional tummy tucks and Brazilian butt lifts – there are various procedures that made a huge impact over the year. Read on to learn which options became popular in 2018 and are expected to stick around:

Nose reshaping
According to MD Source, rhinoplasty – or nose shaping – is a popular option for those looking for a complete face transformation. Not only is this procedure ideal for those who are uncomfortable with the size or shape of their nose, it’s also perfect for those with medical issues too, such as a deviated septum that causes breathing problems. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, this procedure is most popular in patients between the ages of 19 and 34, making up 65 percent of nose reshaping surgeries.

Laser bra lift
Breast augmentation has always been a popular procedure. But more women have learned to love the shape of their chest, no matter the size. For women who have always lived with a large bust, but have no interest in receiving a breast reduction, the laser bra lift might be the solution. Essentially, surgeons create an “internal bra” by improving the skin’s elasticity with a laser instead of removing and discarding excess skin like a traditional breast lift.

“Surgeons create an ‘internal bra’ by improving the skin’s elasticity.”

“It creates a full, perky look— it’s essentially an internal bra, with no foreign material,” Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon Grant Stevens told Allure magazine. He created the procedure after realizing that lasers have an impact on breast tissue much like they do on facial tissue.

High-definition liposuction
Liposuction, or the removing of excess fat in problem areas, has made a serious impact on those who find it difficult to lose stubborn weight with exercise and diet change. Those looking to take body sculpting to the next level may be interested in high-definition liposuction, as dermatologist David E. Bank, MD, told New Beauty.

“The sculpting of athletic abs using liposuction, aka ‘high-def liposuction,’ is going to be big in 2018,” says Dr. Banks. “It consists of traditional liposuction, but with additional contouring around muscle groups to enhance the appearance of the muscles. It delivers the appearance of a six pack without spending all your free time in the gym.”

This gives you more time to spend with family and friends, or enjoying hobbies outside of exercise. Remember, healthy diet and fitness are still essential factors to healthy living, but high-definition liposuction can give you the confidence boost you need to visit the gym when it fits in with your schedule.

Fillers often used by celebrities have made an impact on the general public – according to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, more than a million people use this popular rejuvenation treatment every year to boost volume in the face, smooth lines and soften creases or enhance facial contours. Those worried about making a huge statement with dermal fillers but still want the positive results may consider micro-botox:

“Micro-Botox is injected more superficially, in the dermal layer of skin, and in smaller quantities than a normal Botox treatment, and it works to decrease pore size, smooth skin and decrease oil production,” New York dermatologist Dr. Debbie Palmer told New Beauty.

This is a popular technique that’s perfect for people who want to start small without making too much of a difference in their facial features.

Micro-botox is ideal for those who want to start small.Micro-botox is ideal for those who want to start small.

Skin care rejuvenation
Certainly, cosmetic surgery is all the rage – but more and more people are simply looking to rejuvenate their complexion, not alter their facial composition. Dermatologic procedures and solutions are becoming more popular as people continue to take better care of their skin.

“It’s a field that needs more research, but some patients are seeing big improvement with probiotic skin products,” Dr. Banks told New Beauty. “These products promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the skin and help to maintain the natural skin flora.”

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