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3 tips for maximizing your skin care routine for the holidays

Everyone wants to look their best over the holidays, which is why it is important to optimize your skin care routine not only for yourself, but for the season. The weather can affect how dry your skin gets and other factors, so if you’re trying to look your best here are a few tips:

Stay hydrated – Remaining well hydrated is an important aspect of skin care. You should drink approximately eight to 12 glasses of water a day to maintain proper hydration, especially in the winter when forced air heat can dry out the air around you very quickly. Consider investing in a humidifier for your bedroom at night to help maintain hydration while you’re sleeping. Maintaining hydration helps regulate your skins elasticity and clarity.

Use a gentle cleanser – Many people scrub their face raw in an attempt to get it clean, but this actually does more harm than good. The skin on the face is the most delicate of nearly any party of the body and needs to be treated very gently. It is important to use a gentle facial cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils and moisture, as well as a moisturizer to keep it in its best shape.

Use sunscreen – Few people use sunscreen in the winter, but you can actually get a worse burn when out in the snow than on the beach during the summer. The white, crystalline structure of the snow reflects light, magnifying it and hitting you with just as much UV light as during the summer, which is why if you’re spending the day hiking or skiing its important to put on an SPF sunscreen.

If you truly want to look your best this holiday season, consider getting non-invasive cosmetic procedures as well. Contact Maryland Plastic Surgery for more information.

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