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How can a Laser Chemical Peel enhance your appearance?

Developed by Dr. Summers and available exclusively at the PURE MedSpa, a Laser Chemical Peel combines the best of chemical peels and laser treatments to achieve unique benefits, while avoiding many of the risks, side effects and downtime associated with those treatments.

There are a variety of different laser treatments to remove brown spots, stimulate collagen production, and even reduce pore size. But aggressive laser treatments are typically associated with a week or more of downtime, making treatments less accessible to people who can’t take time away from work.

Similarly, many different types of chemical peels can also stimulate collagen production, remove fine lines and reduce hyperpigmentation. However, many of these chemical peels have side effects such as causing patients to become more sensitive to future sun damage.

In 2004, seeking to achieve the beneficial effects of both chemical and laser treatments while avoiding the side effects, Dr. Summers began treating the skin by combining low level laser treatments with FDA approved chemical solutions. During a series of clinical trials, he varied the protocols for topical application of the solutions while using laser energy to drive the active chemicals deep into the skin.

The synergistic effects of the combined laser and chemical treatment provided exceptional results. Patients experienced removal of brown spots, stimulation of new collagen, elimination of fine lines, and reduction of pore size. And, as a bonus, patients with acne-prone skin had a significant reduction in the number of new acne lesions.  In addition, pre-cancerous skin lesions are frequently seen to regress following Laser Chemical Peel Treatments.

NOTE: Although patients with severely damaged skin typically require a series of more aggressive laser treatments to achieve youthful appearing skin, the Laser Chemical Peel serves as a useful adjunctive treatment by destroying pre-cancerous lesions.

As expected, the downtime with a Laser Chemical Peel is much less than aggressive laser or chemical peel treatments.  Peeling and erythema typically lasts for just one day.  And, most patients are ready to return to work and social activities in just 24-48 hours. Better yet, within a week, patients find that their skin is no longer sensitive to additional sun exposure, making the treatment ideal for individuals with an active lifestyle.

As with any treatment that stimulates collagen and reduces pigmentation, the final results are seen over a period of several weeks to months. Many patients will have a series of Laser Chemical Peel treatments to obtain their desired outcome.  The treatments may be combined with any other type of aesthetic treatment such as fillers or neurotoxin injections, as well as other facial treatments such as microdermabrasion.

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