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National Skin Care Awareness Month

May is National Skin Care Awareness Month, which means now is a great time to evaluate your skin care routine. Are you caring for your skin as well as you could be?

It’s also a great time to treat your skin to something special! If you haven’t been to the MedSpa recently, now is the time! When you visit, we have some great skin care products for you to try. You owe it to yourself to see what these products can do for you!

Since summer is fast approaching, please stock up on your SPF and plan to reapply it frequently when you are outside. We have SPF in a convenient size you can carry in your purse. This will not only help you reduce your risk of skin cancer, but it will also help prevent new wrinkles from forming.

Keep up with your moisturizer and drink plenty of fluids, too. Even though the humidity may be up, exposure to the sun and outdoor activities can lead to dehydration. Not only does that take a toll on your skin, but dehydrated skin is more susceptible to the damaging effects of the sun.

A good skin care regimen really doesn’t have to take more than 5 minutes every morning and night. Wash, rinse, moisturize, dry, and add sunscreen. Grab your water bottle and you’re out the door if make-up isn’t a part of your routine.

At the end of each day, be sure to remove your makeup. Our PureRx® skin care line features a Hydrating Cleanser and a Glycolic Cleanser. Both of these can help you completely remove your makeup while providing additional beneficial effects.

When you care for your skin, you feel better and more energized overall. Give it a try, and enjoy your May!

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