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A New Face in Under a Weekend: The Power of Mini-Facelifts

Among the most popular of all cosmetic procedures, the facelift rejuvenates sagging skin by removing age lines or creases and unseemly fat deposits.

But not everyone wants to undergo a full facelift, so many people opt instead for the mini-facelift.

Often called the weekend facelift, this option doesn’t involve skin removal. Instead, the surgeon makes three small incisions to remove fat and enhance muscle shape.

The end results of mini-facelifts aren’t as pronounced, but they also don’t carry as many side effects, like skin damage. This mini-procedure is best for subtle updates to the face.

Interested in a mini-facelift? Dr. Adam Summers and his staff at the Maryland Plastic Surgery have perfected this process over 10-plus years, ensuring patients get the best results possible.

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