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Laser Facelift

Is it possible to obtain the results of a facelift without any surgery?

Using the latest technology & special protocols at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Adam Summers lifts sagging cheeks, smooths the jawline and tightens loose neck skin, all without making a single incision.

What is a Laser Facelift?

“My goal with the Laser Facelift is to help patients achieve the results of a full face and necklift without any surgical incisions This eliminates the risks, scars and overly tight appearance that can occur with more traditional facelift procedures. Utilizing several lasers and energy based devices (we have 10 of them here at our facility), we have developed specialized protocols that enable us to lift the cheeks and jowls, remove fat from under the chin, and smooth the skin.”

Who are your typical patients?

“I have performed the Laser Facelift on men and women ranging from 30 years old to over 70 years old. Because the procedure is completely non-surgical, and because it actually improves the condition of the skin, it appeals to many individuals. I have treated homemakers, business professionals, retirees, and public figures.”

How does the Laser Facelift improve the skin?

“Traditional surgical facelift procedures rearrange the soft tissues by pulling on the skin – this results in a stretching, or expansion, of the skin. The Laser Facelift is completely different. Unwanted fat is painlessly melted away, and new collagen is formed resulting in tighter, smoother skin. Instead of stretching the skin, we are shrinking the skin. We are actually causing your skin to become more like it was in your youth.”

Is the Laser Facelift painful?

“Because patients experience little to no discomfort, we do not need to use a general anesthetic. This greatly reduces both the risks and costs associated with the procedure. The Laser Facelift is customized to each patient’s individual needs, but typically there is no bruising and very little swelling. In many cases, patients are able to engage in normal activities, such as driving, immediately afterward. In fact, most patients are even able to return to work the same day.”

How much does the procedure cost?

“The basic Laser Facelift procedure is $5,000 – this is less than half the cost of a traditional surgical facelift. It should be noted that there is variability among patients, and those requiring more advanced treatments will spend about $7,000. However, to make the procedure as affordable as possible, many patients have chosen to use a monthly payment plan that is less than $200 per month.”

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