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Achieve Your Beauty Dreams With Laser Treatments!

You may associate lasers with movies about invading alien forces, but these devices are the true future of cosmetic procedures.

No matter your beauty goals, laser treatments can handle almost any form of skin damage. That includes vascular lesions, hypertrophic scars, lesions like freckles and birthmarks, and even extensive sun damage. You’ll have younger, healthier looking skin in just a few short sessions.

Most laser treatments are handled  in one one of two ways: Ablatiion has better results but a greater chance of redness and swelling. Non-ablative lasers require a few more sessions, but you won’t have to deal with nearly as many accompanying skin issues.

If laser treatments are in your future, then you’ll want to be treated by only the best. Dr. Adam Summers and the staff at Maryland Plastic Surgery have years of insight and experience in safe and effective laser treatments, and they are committed to helping you reach your goals.

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