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Goodbye Lifestyle Lift – Hello SMART Facelift!

NOTE: Dr. Summers’ One Hour SMART Facelift procedure is NOT a Lifestyle Lift procedure.

Last week, the Lifestyle Lift Company announced that it had closed its doors and was considering bankruptcy.  Perhaps you have seen their advertisements where they deceptively marketed a mini facelift as a “revolutionary” procedure and supported their marketing with fake testimonials touting the incredible results.  Ultimately, the company was slapped with numerous lawsuits, including a $300,000 fine by the New York Attorney General for creating fake reviews.  And, because any plastic surgeon that performs facelifts could do the procedure, the company was required to stop using the term “revolutionary” in its advertising.

In contrast, the One Hour SMART Facelift is an affordable, long-lasting, minimally invasive facelift procedure that Dr. Summers began developing in 1996.  This is a true facelift procedure that lifts the skin, muscle, and fat without any incisions on the face and is completed in about an hour.

Over the past 15 years Dr. Summers has continually improved the procedure.  He has treated thousands of patients and has received an incredibly high satisfaction rate – nearly 90% of patients rate their results as superior.  Dr. Summers’ One Hour Facelift has been featured in numerous articles, including CBS, FOX, and the Baltimore Sun.  His patients frequently rave about their experience and the results they are enjoying:

And the results of Dr. Summers’ One Hour SMART Facelift has been independently verified by the editorial staff at New Beauty Magazine.  The New Beauty team includes nationally recognized surgeons who act as a peer review board to validate cosmetic products and services. They only allow cosmetic surgery procedures that have been carefully evaluated to be promoted in New Beauty Magazine.

Not all patients are a candidate for the One Hour SMART Facelift, which is why Dr. Summers also offers several other facelift options.  Whether you are looking for a minor “freshening up” or you would like to see a more youthful appearance in the mirror and photos, you can rely on the expertise and innovative solutions available at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center and PURE MedSpa.

If you’ve been considering a facelift or neck lift procedure, contact Dr. Summers to learn which option is best for you.  He is extending a $250 consultation credit for all new patients.  So, even if you have paid a consultation fee to another company, such as the Lifestyle Lift Company, contact us today!

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