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Latest study shows plastic surgery on the rise for men

Plastic surgeons have been seeing a rise in male patients over the last few years, and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s recent report on trends from 2014 shows it was an important year for male cosmetic surgery.

According to the report, Americans spent more than $12 billion on plastic surgery and non-invasive cosmetic procedures in 2014. More interesting, however, is that over the last five years, the number of men electing for cosmetic procedures has risen by 43 percent.

The most popular procedures between men and women varied little from the ones that men alone selected the most. In 2014, the report notes that eyelid surgery was up among men by 34 percent, male breast reduction rose 33 percent and facelifts increased by 44 percent in popularity. For minimally-invasive procedures, Botox rose 84 percent, Hyaluronic Acid 94 percent, nonsurgical skin tightening increased by 37 percent and Intense Pulsed Light therapy was up 44 percent over 2013.

The ASAPS noted that there has been a 273 percent increase in the number of procedures performed on men since it began collecting industry data in 1997.

“This is not a trend we expect to see wane anytime soon,” James Grotting, MD, President-Elect of ASAPS, said in a release. “Facing a challenging and sometimes ageist job market, men, like women, are starting to consider their options to maintain a youthful appearance that exudes exuberance and energy and the full spectrum of care offered by board-certified plastic surgeons caters to their individual needs.”

If you’re a man or woman considering cosmetic surgery, contact Maryland Plastic Surgery for expert advice and assistance in selecting the procedures that best meet your personal beauty goals.

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