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Rejuvenate your skin with a laser facelift

Since its modernization in the early 1970s, facelifts have become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure the world over. In 2012, according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were 126,000 facelifts in the U.S., up an impressive 6 percent!

However, the facelift is not without some downsides. According to the ASPS, patients run the risk of infection, bleeding issues, skin irregularities, scarring and swelling, fluid accumulation and loss of skin sensation. Not to mention, there are inherent risks associated with anesthesia.

That’s why at Maryland Plastic Surgery, Dr. Adam Summers was one of the earlier adopters of laser facelifts. Without making a single incision, Dr. Summers can smooth out jawlines, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, address discoloration, tighten loose neck skin and lift sagging cheeks.

With this type of facelift technology, physicians use two kinds of lasers – nonblative – which doesn’t damage outer skin – and ablative, which creates structured damage to outer layers of skin. Both kinds of lasers work by creating holes in the skin, which the body then responds to as any standard injury by healing and creating new layers of collagen. This fresh coat of collagen gives you the appearance of skin that’s several years younger.

Laser facelifts are a noninvasive series of treatments performed at our Medical Spa – meaning there is no need for stitches or anesthesia. You can return to daily activities immediately after treatment. And most procedures takes 30 minutes or less!

Though laser facelifts carry fewer side effects than the traditional surgical approach, there are a few considerations.  For one, the growth of new collagen can take up to 180 days. And though temporary, laser facelifts can result in minor discoloration and reduced skin sensitivity. Finally, ablative CO2 lasers are often preferred tool for laser facelifts, but they can potentially cause pigment changes and scarring.

Every woman deserves to look her best, and laser facelifts are one way to facilitate that means without unwanted medical risks. If you are interested in learning more about laser facelifts or any other surgical procedure, visit our website or schedule a consultation today.

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