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Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation


Tummy-tucks are performed to remove unwanted skin and fat from the abdomen, while simultaneously tightening the abdominal muscles.  The typical patient considering a full tummy-tuck (abdominoplasty) has stretch marks (stria) and loose skin below (or up to) the level of the belly-button (umbilicus). Because the skin and muscles have been stretched due to pregnancy or significant weight change, no amount of exercise can repair the damage – the abdominoplasty procedure will repair these changes.  Patients with stria above the umbilicus will have a significant improvement, but some stria may remain.

A variation of the procedure (a “mini” tummy-tuck) is sometimes all that is required to achieve the desired result. In this case, loose abdominal skin below or around the umbilicus is tightened through a smaller incision and fat is removed.

Mini tummy-tucks tend to cost around $4,800 and patients are typically able to return to full activities within a couple of days.  Major tummy-tucks cost around $8,800 and patients usually return to routine light activities within 3-4 days.  Heavy lifting and exercising the abdomen is avoided for 1 month.


Our standard charge for a breast augmentation with saline implants is $6,000.  This includes all facility, anesthesia, surgeon fees, implant fees and all doctor visits.  If silicone implants are desired, the charge is $7,000.  The procedure is typically performed under a general anesthesia and I usually place the implants under the muscle.  In special cases, the implants may be placed above the muscle (sub-glandular) and the fees would be reduced.

Following surgery, most patients are able to engage in light activities right away.  Most patients find that they only require ibuprofen within 24-48 hours.  It is important, however, to wear a bra 24-hours daily for the first week after surgery.  The bra may be removed when showering, which can be done the day after surgery.

You won’t receive better care anywhere – we see you at least 7 times after surgery during the first year following your procedure.


Multi-procedure discounts are available.  For example, when patients combine a tummy-tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure with a breast enhancement (breast implant or breast lift) procedure at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center, the entire fee is less than if the procedures were performed separately.  When combined, I can reduce the facility fees and there is an additional surgical discount (as long as the procedures are “routine”).  The combined price is typically around $11,000 – $12,000.  This fee includes all of your pre-operative and post-operative visits.

We have financing plans available that can help make even more expensive procedures become very affordable.

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