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Eyelid cosmetic surgery may hold the key to migraine relief

Migraines can be a serious problem for many people, but a recent study has shown how simple, non-invasive cosmetic procedures can help to relieve the tension. According to a team of researchers led by Dr. Oren Tessler, Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans School of Medicine, eyelid surgery can reduce migraines by a significant amount.

In the study, published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Tessler revealed that more than 90 percent of patients in the trial had their migraines reduced or eliminated following a non-endoscopic deactivation of nerve triggers in the eyelid. This operation is a common part of eyelid cosmetic surgery.

“Surgery is a valid treatment for migraines in certain patients,” Tessler said in a press release. “We believe that these patients should have ready access to migraine trigger site decompression surgery. Although larger studies are needed, we have shown that we can restore these patients to full and productive lives.”

The average response rate to the procedure was 90.7 percent, according to the study. Furthermore, an impressive 51.3 percent reported the complete eradication of their headaches. Only 9.3 percent said they had no improvement afterward.

Getting eyelid cosmetic surgery can help to eliminate bags, puffy eyes and droopy eyelids. The additional benefits of migraine relief enhance the appeal of such procedures for the young as well as those fighting the effects of aging.

For more information on blepharoplasty (eyelid cosmetic surgery), contact Maryland Plastic Surgery MediSpa and Cosmetic Surgery Center. Dr. Adam Summers specializes in a variety of facial procedures, as well as breast augmentation, liposuction and a broad array of non-surgical options for enhancing your beauty.

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