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Detoxifying may help you achieve healthier skin

Young, vibrant looking skin is achieved through hard work, not genetics, and anyone can take steps to having a healthier appearance. One way to accomplish this is to perform a detox – a purging of toxins and contaminant from the body. Toxins in the blood and liver can affect digestion, weight gain, complexion and overall health and appearance. There are several methods available to detox and purify your body:

Drink water – Cutting juice, soda, alcohol and coffee is a popular way to detox. Few people drink enough water on a daily basis for proper hydration, so increasing water intake, as well as drinking tea, can help flush your system and add a healthier glow to your skin tone.

Eat clean – Cutting out processed foods, sugar and chemicals is also very important for a detox. Dr. Amy Shaw, a physician focused on nutrition in Arizona, recently discussed the dexotifying benefits of adding more leafy greens and cuniferous vegetables to one’s diet.

“When people say, eat your fruits of vegetables, that ends up being, for most of us, lots of fruits, and maybe a salad a day,” Shaw told Style Bistro. “I turned that around to do mostly vegetables and some fruits. Unless you’re actively trying, most of us aren’t getting [enough vegetables].”

Shaw recommends a minimum of three cups of greens and three cups of cuniferous vegetables every day.

Juice – Another good way to optimize vegetable and fruit intake is to drink fresh squeezed juice every day. This has been taken on as a popular detox method called juice fasting, where one eats nothing but drinks 5 to 6 juices a day.

A detox doesn’t go quite far enough, however, nor is it permanent if one doesn’t change one’s ways of eating for the long term. To really make a change to your skin’s appearance, cosmetic surgery with quick recovery is a more permanent option. Consider a laser skin tightening or minimally invasive facial rejuvenation from the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center to kickstart your beauty changes.

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