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White Bumps

Creams will not work to remove white bumps under the eyes.

White bumps under the eyes may be normal oil glands, milia (trapped keratin under the skin) or syringomas. This is caused by a proliferation of the ducts of the eccrine sweat glands in the lower eyelid skin.

Although these can happen with any patient, they tend to be more common in women.

In the case of normal oil glands, their appearance may be reduced by shrinking the skin with laser treatments.

If milia are present, individual extractions can work well in some cases. More complex cases may be treated with electrocautery, surgery or laser treatments to reduce the milia.

In each of the above cases, multiple treatments are typically required and there is a chance that the problem can return.

In some cases, the sudden appearance of syringomas occurs in darker complected people.

In most cases, the fractional CO2 laser provides good results. With any laser treatment there is a chance of permanent scarring, but this laser tends to minimize that risk.

It is frequently recommended that patients with darker skin complexion receive 1-2 months of pre-treatment with a hydroquinone cream to minimize their risk of hyperpigmentation.

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