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Summertime skincare tips

Summer will be here before you know it. Consider the following skincare tips to maintain a glorious glow as the weather gets warmer.


Spring is always an exciting time of year for your skin. It has a chance to revive after a long, dreary season of excessive dryness and cracking, and emerge into a refreshed, glowing complexion that can finally hold moisture again. You likely changed up your skincare routine to cope with the conditions that come with spring, but now’s the time to start forward thinking about summertime. Your skin will be exposed to more heat and sunshine, so your complexion may need more TLC than you offer in your current regimen.

Summer will be here before you know it. Consider the following skincare tips to maintain a glorious glow as the weather gets warmer:

1. Prioritize UV protection
While you should certainly protect your skin year-round – even when the sun isn’t shining – summer’s the time to prioritize it, as Dr. Stefanie Williams, a dermatologist and medical director explained to Harper’s Bazaar.

“I always recommend using sun protection all year round,” Williams shared. “The reason for this is that while the burning UVB rays are much weaker in winter, the skin aging UVA rays don’t fluctuate as much throughout the seasons. My recommendation is to wear an SPF 30-50 to slow down the aging process and keep your skin in optimal condition long-term. However, should you have down-graded your SPF (or even worse, not used one) in the winter, then now is certainly the time to go back to daily SPF – no excuses.”

This normally goes without saying, but it’s also vital to avoid sunburn. Even if your burn tends to turn to tan over time, this doesn’t mean the sun damage is reversible.

“Avoid getting burned at any cost,” Williams said. “For fair skin types, even tanning is a sign of sun damage on a cellular level, so if you are fair, don’t aim for a tan. If, despite thorough protection, you manage to get burned, oral antihistamines and a topical hydrocortisone cream can be helpful, but speak to your doctor first.”

If your sun protection keeps you from getting that sun-kissed glow you hoped for this summer, consider a spray tan or topical self-tanner instead.

Always wear sunscreen to protect from UV rays.Always wear sunscreen to protect from UV rays.

2. Show your lips some love
Most people forget that lips are prone to sunburn as well. Protecting them with a rich lip balm that has at least SPF 15 will keep them smooth and supple this summer, according to InStyle magazine. Consider exfoliating them with a specialized scrub once a week if they do end up drying out more in the sunshine.

3. Take colder showers
You may love to create your own at-home spa from a steaming shower, but this can dry your skin out even more after too much sun exposure. A cold shower will keep this from occurring, and can also reduce excess sweating that leads to acne breakouts, dermatologist Dr. Neil Sadick told InStyle.

4. Exfoliate your entire body
You should already exfoliate your face once or twice a week as part of your normal skincare routine. Summer is the perfect time to start incorporating a full body exfoliation during the week as well, according to dermatologist Jeanette Graf.

“Summer is the perfect time to incorporate a full body exfoliation during the week.”

“One of the most effective ways to exfoliate during the summer is to use a scrub on dry skin before you shower,” Graft told InStyle. “Pay special attention to knees and elbows. Finish with a rich body cream or oil within three minutes of toweling off.”

5. Moisturize
Again, you should moisturize at least once per day as it is, but you may start incorporating a second dose during the summer to nourish a dry complexion. Pay attention to the rest of your body as well, especially after showering. Everyday Health recommended using avocado oil to moisturize your elbows, feet and ankles this summer, as these areas are more prone to becoming cracked.

6. Watch what you eat and drink
Summer tends to be a carefree time for many, but that doesn’t mean you should eat anything and everything. A poor diet will keep your skin from looking its best . Fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, and fish are great sources of antioxidants and protein that can stimulate collagen and make your skin look flawless.

You may be more inclined to drink alcoholic beverages during the summer as well, but those can dehydrate your skin. Make sure to drink plenty of water to balance out the alcohol, but also do so when you’re sober. Your complexion will thank you later!

Make sure to drink water while spending time in the sun.Make sure to drink plenty of water while spending time in the sun.

6. Visit Maryland Plastic Surgery
At our facility, we offer various dermatological treatments and we also function as a medical spa. Therefore, if you’re worried about excess redness, acne or troubled spots on your body, we can mitigate the problem with one of our services. A salicylic acid peel is the perfect treatment to consider during the summer, Susan C. Taylor, founding director of the Skin of Color Center at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York City.

“An in-office salicylic acid peel twice a month is my mainstay,” Taylor shared with Allure magazine. “It clears up dulling, dead skin cells, which not only helps even out any discoloration, but also draws excess oil out of the pores and leaves skin less shiny.”

No matter what your skin wants and needs are this summer, we can provide a solution that meets your goals and helps you look and feel your best during the sunshine season.

Are you enthusiactic about becoming your most confident self this summer? Visit our Pure MedSpa today or call 1-410-553-9444 for more information on a treatment that piques your interest.

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