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Why more people are opting for dermal fillers rather than a facelift

Dermal fillers provide an excellent alternative to full facial surgery that is less invasive and provides many of the same improvements. As temporary enhancements, some may wonder what the advantages in going with dermal fillers are. The benefits are different from facial surgery, but equally as appealing to those looking to achieve a new look.

Faster – One of the main benefits of going with dermal fillers is shorter recovery time. Patients who opt for this cosmetic surgery with quick recovery over a facelift are able to achieve their beauty goals faster and get back to work and show off their new look to their friends.

Lower cost – Dermal fillers also cost less than traditional surgery, providing the same cosmetic benefits without the primary and additional costs associated with a hospital stay. From the additional doctor’s visits to the other expenses associated with surgery, these additional costs can add up quickly.

Non-permanent – One of the reasons people question the value of dermal fillers is also one of their advantages. Many people prefer to get dermal fillers rather than a full facelift because of the fact that the changes will fade over time. This allows them to return to their natural look or change the augmentation if they so choose. Different types of fillers have different longevity.

Anyone thinking about getting a facelift or dermal fillers should consult with an experienced plastic surgeon, like Dr. Adam Summers at Maryland Plastic Surgery. We can help you make the right cosmetic surgery decisions for your personal needs and the best choice for your lifestyle and wallet. Call us today for a consultation or more information on the desired procedure.

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