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Thermage at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Medical Spa…

Thermage is the perfect “pick-me-up” for someone who would rather not have surgery. If you have sagging skin and would like to see an improvement without surgery, then Thermage may be ideal for you! Baltimore cosmetic surgeon Dr. Adam Summers can use the ThermaCool device to tighten your skin without surgery. You can go home the same day, and no one will ever know! The procedure is so simple that it was demonstrated live on Oprah.
Thermage is also sometimes called ThermaLift, Thermal Lifting, Thermaplasty, or Thermoplastic Contouring.
Thermage is an FDA-approved breakthrough procedure. It is­ the first treatment of its kind for tightening loose skin without surgery. We know that younger skin contains substantially more “healthy” collagen than older skin. The ThermaCool device is designed to stimulate the growth of new collagen – this reduces wrinkles and tightens your skin. To achieve this effect, the device uses radiofrequency energy to heat the lower layers of your skin while simultaneously cooling and protecting the top layer of your skin.
Although you may see some results right away, your body will continue to produce new collagen for several months after your Thermage treatment. As the new collagen fibers are developed, your skin will appear smoother and more refreshed each month until maximal results are obtained 4-6 months following the procedure.
Dr. Summers has been using the ThermaCool device since 2004. Based on his extensive experience with the Thermage procedure, Dr. Summers independently developed some of the protocols which are now used nationally. Taking into consideration that each patient regenerates new collagen at variable rates and amounts, Dr. Summers’ Thermage protocols help to ensure that each patient treated with the device obtains the desired results. These protocols are under continual refinement, and we have been able to obtain good results in patients who were previously treated elsewhere without our protocols.
Frequently Asked Questions About Thermage:
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[toggle title=”Is Thermage safe?” open=”no”]In the hands of an experienced operator, Thermage is one of the safest procedures available. During the treatment, a pulse of energy is delivered into the skin to stimulate tightening and deposition of collagen. We have performed over 200,000 pulses without a single adverse reaction or complication. From a statistical standpoint, this makes Thermage very safe.
We have treated patients of all ethnicities and skin types with excellent results. [/toggle]
[toggle title=”How do I know if Thermage is right for me?” open=”no”]We recommend Thermage for three different types of patients seeking skin rejuvenation…
1. Patients with sagging jowls who would like to see their cheeks and jowls lifted. In this case, patients should not have very loose and sagging skin throughout their entire face. Also, minor excess facial fat is acceptable, but patients with a significant excess in facial fat will not obtain the desired results.
2. Patients with loose skin who would like to obtain more youthful appearing skin. In this case, Thermage is recommended to reduce the appearance of fine line but is not used to attempt to “lift” sagging skin. Patients with very deep rhytids (lines/creases) will require other procedures in addition to Thermage in order to obtain optimal results.
3. Patients with skin irregularities (scars, large pores, acne). In this case, Thermage can shrink the irregularities. Although substantial improvements can be seen, complete resolution is rarely obtained.
[toggle title=” What Can Thermage Do For Me?” open=”no”]Thermage can lift the eyebrows and eyelids, helping your eyes to look brighter and more open.
Thermage can tighten flaccid skin around your cheeks and neck, reducing wrinkles, folds, and sagging.
Thermage can smooth loose skin and tighten sagging skin on any part of the body (stomach, arms, knees).
You can go home the same day and back to work immediately without any traces of a cosmetic procedure.
Depending upon the speed of each individual’s aging process, results can last from six months to several years.
[toggle title=”What Does Thermage Feel Like?” open=”no”]Typically, there is some discomfort with the Thermage procedure. The first sensation you will feel is coolness, followed by heat for a fraction of a second, followed by more cooling. The cool feeling is the result of a cryogen spray, which protects your skin from the heat of the radiofrequency energy. [/toggle]
[toggle title=” What Can I Expect After the Thermage Procedure?” open=”no”]After your Thermage treatment at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center, you will notice that your skin is red. However, in about an hour this completely dissipates. You may resume all of your normal activities immediately without restriction. In fact, no special care of your face is required after Thermage – your normal skin care regimen is sufficient.
Very few patients experience swelling after Thermage – if this occurs do not be alarmed, it will resolve completely within a week or so. Resolution can occur more rapidly if you keep your head elevated.
You will continue to see results for four to six months. The changes may occur so gradually that you need before and after photos to notice the changes. Some patients who desire more dramatic results and patients treating body areas usually elect to have more than one Thermage treatment. If you choose to have a second treatment, you may do so one month after your first Thermage procedure.
[toggle title=”Does it matter how old I am?” open=”no”]Thermage may become less effective as you age. However, age alone is not an absolute contraindication to having Thermage. Because of the large number of variables that go into deciding if a patient is a Thermage candidate, we must personally evaluate your skin to determine if you may benefit from the Thermage procedure.[/toggle]

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