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Minimally Invasive Lifting & Tightening in One Hour



  • The RE•LIFT Me™ set of minimally invasive one hour procedures including: Brows, Eyelids, Neck, Cheeks, and Jowls
  • Unlimited new surgical patients - fill your unused surgical time
  • Patients who have pre-paid for aesthetic laser treatments
  • Complimentary medical grade skincare to satisfy your patients and increase your revenue
  • 24 hour concierge support for your patients
  • Guaranteed patient satisfaction with RE•LIFT™ MD post operative care support
  • Particiption in corporate dividends
  • Aesthetic Influencers to drive practice growth, awareness, and engagement
RE•LIFT™ women


Reinvigorate your practice and join the team pioneering one hour facial rejuvenation!

Become a RE•LIFT Surgeon


Long-lasting results in one hour

The RE•LIFT™ set of procedures are long lasting, minimally invasive treatments that achieve natural results in just one hour with minimal downtime.

The key is utilizing permanent suspension sutures to restore the natural position of the tissues without pulling on the skin.

Your patients will enjoy natural results without a “windswept”, pulled or stretched look. 

Each of the following areas can be treated in one hour or less under local anesthesia:

• Brows, Eyes, Cheeks, Jowls, and Neck




The RE•LIFT™ program is seeking exceptional surgeons to learn and offer an innovative procedure set to redefine minimally invasive facial rejuvenation, with reduced recovery time, and outstanding long-lasting results. This is your opportunity to be at the forefront of cosmetic surgery, enhancing your practice and patient satisfaction.

Ideal candidates…

  • Regularly perform facial rejuvenation procedures:
    • You have a strong foundation in facial aesthetics and a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in traditional rejuvenation methods.
  • Have the right facilities:
    • Your practice is equipped with an operating or procedure room suitable for conducting surgeries under local anesthesia, ensuring a safe and controlled environment for every RE•LIFT™ procedure.
  • Are innovators at heart:
    • You’re not just following the latest trends in cosmetic surgery; you’re eager to be part of the innovation, learning and mastering new techniques that can revolutionize the industry.
  • Commit to mastery:
    • You understand that true expertise is requires dedication and are willing to invest time and resources into perfecting your practice with the RE•LIFT™ techniques.
  • Thrive in a team environment:
    • Joining the RE•LIFT™ network means becoming part of a growing community of leading surgeons dedicated to advancing the field of facial rejuvenation together.
  • Aim for leadership:
    • You’re not just looking to add a new service. You want to be recognized as the premier facial rejuvenation surgeon in your area, known for offering cutting-edge, effective treatments.
  • Seek marketing solutions
    • You appreciate the value of professional marketing to attract and retain patients but prefer to focus on what you do best – transforming lives through surgery – without the headache or financial burden of marketing efforts.


Reinvigorate your practice and join the team pioneering one hour facial rejuvenation!

Become a RE•LIFT Surgeon


Restore the skin in as little as one hour.

RESTORE Me™ is a series of aesthetic laser resurfacing procedures designed to be the perfect companion to the RE•Lift™ procedures. 

The combination of light based therapies has been clinically proven to enhance the RE•Lift™ results and provide a radiant new glow.

RESTORE Me™ is designed to:

• Even Skin Tone & Texture

• Erase Wrinkles

• Shrink Pores

• Smooth Complexion


We do all the "leg work"
You do all the "face work"


We understand that as a surgeon, your expertise and passion lie in transforming lives through your work — the “face work.” That’s where you shine, and that’s where we want your focus to be. To support this, we’ve crafted a comprehensive support system that handles every other aspect of the patient journey, from initial inquiry to the final scheduling of their procedure. Here’s how we make it work:

  • We handle all marketing:
    • Our expert marketing team is dedicated to promoting the RE•LIFT™ set of procedures and positions you as the leading surgeon in your area.
  • We perform the pre-screening process:
    • Our pre-screening process filters through inquiries to ensure your time is spent only with patients ready and suitable for the RE•LIFT™ set of procedures, presenting you with candidates primed for surgery.
  • We conduct initial patient consultations:
    • We conduct a detailed consultation process before a patient ever steps into your office, gathering all necessary information and managing expectations, so you meet well-informed, prepared patients.
  • We secure patient financing arrangements:
    • We facilitate financing arrangements to remove all financial obstacles for patients, making it easier for them to decide to proceed with their transformation.
  • You schedule the surgery:
    • We coordinate surgery dates to optimize your calendar, ensuring unused slots are filled and maximizing your availability without overburdening your schedule.
  • You have your unused calendar slots filled:
    • Our targeted marketing and scheduling strategies ensure that your expertise is fully utilized, turning potential downtime into productive, revenue-generating opportunities.
  • We meet your needs:
    • At the core of our partnership is the goal to meet you at your point of need, whether it’s filling your schedule, managing patient inquiries, or navigating financial discussions, we’re here to support you every step of the way.


Reinvigorate your practice and join the team pioneering one hour facial rejuvenation!

Become a RE•LIFT Surgeon


Medical grade skincare rejuvenation

Help your patients discover the essence of beauty and promote its longevity after the RE•LIFT™ and RESTORE Me™ procedures with REFRESH Me™.

REFRESH Me™ is the proprietary skincare line where luxury meets efficacy.

Crafted with science-backed ingredients for rejuvenating results, each product is designed to enhance the skin’s natural beauty.

Patients will embrace a skincare experience that combines purity with science-backed innovation, offering them a radiant, refreshed, youthful complexion. 

REFRESH Me™ is the final step to a total facial rejuvenation.




Embrace a new horizon of financial growth and stability in your practice with the RE•LIFT™ program. Designed not only to enhance your surgical offerings but also to significantly boost your practice’s revenue and profitability, RE•LIFT™ presents a compelling financial proposition for surgeons. Here’s what you can expect when you join our network:

  • Consistent patient flow:
    • As a RE•LIFT M.D.™, anticipate welcoming 1 to 5 new surgery patients each week. These aren’t just any patients; they are pre-screened and pre-paid individuals, ready to undergo the transformation they’ve been dreaming of with the RE•LIFT Me™ set of procedures.
  • Impressive revenue potential:
    • Surgeons participating in the RE•LIFT™ program typically see monthly revenue increases ranging from $30,000 to $150,000 each month. This is a testament to the high demand and premium nature of the RE•LIFT™ set of procedures.
  • Ancillary revenue growth:
    • Beyond the direct earnings from surgeries, RE•LIFT M.D.s enjoy over $100,000 in ancillary revenue annually. This could come from follow-up visits, additional treatments, or other cosmetic services offered in conjunction with the RE•LIFT™ set of procedures.
  • Corporate dividend participation:
    • As part of the RE•LIFT™ network, you’re not just a practitioner; you’re a valued partner. This includes the opportunity to participate in corporate dividends, sharing in the success and growth of the RE•LIFT™ brand.
  • Low Overhead:
    • To ensure that your focus remains on delivering exceptional surgical outcomes, we provide surgical kits for each procedure, minimizing the overhead costs associated with supplies and equipment.
  • Tiered incentive performance program:
    • Motivation meets reward in our tiered incentive program, designed to recognize and reward your hard work, dedication, and achievements with additional financial incentives.
  • Loyalty rebate:
    • Our loyalty rebate program is our way of saying thank you for your commitment to the RE•LIFT™ program and the trust you place in us as your partner. It’s an added bonus that celebrates and rewards your continued partnership.

By integrating the RE•LIFT™ set of procedures into your practice, you unlock a pathway to not just superior patient outcomes but also substantial financial growth and rewards. Join us in redefining facial rejuvenation and elevating your practice to new heights of success.

Before & After

** Results may vary for each person.

SMART Facelift Before & After
SMART Facelift Before & After
SMART Facelift Before & After
SMART Facelift Before & After


SMART Facelift Before & After
SMART Facelift Before & After
SMART Facelift Before & After
SMART Facelift Before & After
SMART Facelift Before & After
SMART Facelift Before & After
SMART Facelift Before & After
SMART Facelift Before & After
SMART Facelift Before & After
SMART Facelift Before & After



When you join the RE•LIFT M.D.™ team you’re establishing yourself as one of the leaders in minimally invasive cosmetic facial rejuvenation. 

All our surgeons get their start in the OR with in-depth training on how to perfect each RE•LIFT™ treatment side by side with the founder, Dr. Adam Summers.

When training is complete our in-house tech team will build out your patient facing portal of our website while the marketing team will start developing your turn-key advertising campaign which will drive new patients into your business.

All patient inquiries will come to you pre-vetted, having already completed their paperwork, an initial new patient consult, financing secured and ready to meet you for a final checkoff before their RE•LIFT™ procedure.

The RE•LIFT Team

Our network of Relift and Restore surgeons are leading experts in aesthetic procedures and minimally invasive plastic surgery procedures with long lasting results.

Our surgeons have been recognized among the top plastic surgeons in the country. We have published research, won awards & accolades, and have received grants for pioneering innovations in minimally invasive surgical techniques and technologies.

RE•Lift™ Doctors


Reinvigorate your practice and join the team pioneering one hour facial rejuvenation!

Become a RE•LIFT Surgeon



The RE•Lift set of procedures have been designed to achieve the lifting effects without visible incisions whenever possible.

For example: A typical RE•Lift Cheek procedure utilizes a 1.5′ hidden incision above the ear.

Minimally invasive RE•Lift™ procedures have been performed on thousands of patients with remarkable results.

The procedures utilize permanent sutures which continue to support the facial structures for years. In many cases, RE•Lift™ patients have enjoyed a more youthful appearance for over 10 years.

The Re•Lift™ procedures prevent the windswept appearance associated with other techniques because it lifts the fat and muscles without directly pulling on the skin. 

The RE•Lift™ procedures precisely position the brows and eyelids for a natural appearance. Patients retain the ability to show facial expression so that they get noticed for the right reasons.

Using hidden incisions, the RE•Lift™ procedures avoid facial scars or distorting the hairline.

The RE•Lift™ procedures provide the results of a full facelift without the downtime, side effects or cost traditionally associated with cosmetic surgery.

Each of the RE•Lift™ and Restore procedures have been designed to be performed in just one hour.

The RE•Lift™ and Restore procedures can be combined for enhanced results.

The RE•Lift™ set of procedures (brows, eyelids, cheeks, jowls, and neck) use minimally invasive techniques under local anesthesia to achieve long lasting, natural results.

RESTORE includes non-surgical treatments such as laser resurfacing and skin care products designed to optimize and enhance your results.

$50,000 which can be paid in full or financed over 5 years.

This will unlock the ability for you to:

  • Gain invaluable hands-on training side by side with  the RE•LIFT™ Founder Dr. Adam Summers.
  • Start performing the RE•Lift™ one hour procedures in your practice.
  • Have our marketing team drive consistent new patients into your practice week after week.
  • Have daily vetted, pre-qualified and finance approved patients ready for surgery.


Reinvigorate your practice and join the team pioneering one hour facial rejuvenation!

Become a RE•LIFT Surgeon