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Cheekbones Take the Spotlight in Cosmetic Surgery News

The recent Disney film “Maleficent” has inspired a resurgence in cheekbone augmentations within the facial plastic surgery sector. The film’s titular character, played by Angelina Jolie, has brought more than one woman into her plastic surgeon’s office requesting this beauty trend.

“We were joking that it’d be great to have those cheekbones, and she mentioned that was something I could actually do,” one plastic surgery patient in Austin, Texas, recently told Time Warner Cable News.

According to The American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s Smart Beauty Guide, the trend of women taking cues from films for their plastic surgery desires isn’t a new one. Following the release of “The Lord of the Rings,” there was a surge in requests for ear surgery procedures to achieve the look of the elves in the movie trilogy.

In the past, cheekbone enhancement frequently required bone repositioning, bone grafting, or cheek implants.  Although these procedures are effective, they frequently result in significant swelling, a prolonged recovery, and there is the potential for nerve injury.

Now, patients typically enjoy the appearance of a natural cheek augmentation using only non-surgical techniques. For example, a variety of different filler injections can work to rejuvenate and smooth out the skin as well as enhance the overall structure. When filler injections are expertly performed, wrinkles are minimized and a natural cheek fullness is achieved.

The results of injectable cheek enhancement can be semi-permanent, depending on the type of filler used.  In some cases, your skin can be further improved with the use of laser resurfacing. The combination of appropriately placed fillers and laser skin treatments helps many patients achieve long-lasting, natural results.

For more than 10 years, Dr. Summers has been performing semi-permanent cheek enhancement with injectables fillers. In some cases, other non-invasive cosmetic procedures can offer significant changes to help you achieve a youthful, vibrant appearance. Speak with Dr. Adam Summers at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center and discuss your options for any beauty needs.

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