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Before & After Photos

Browlift Procedure Photos

This 45 year old woman had her brows, face, and neck lifted to accentuate her existing features while also getting rid of sagging. After 4 months, she is enjoying a more youthful, rested appearance.

Cost: $15,000

Browlift, or forehead lift, procedures can be particularly challenging in men that have thinning hair, as there are limited options to hide an incision. In this 40 year old man, Dr. Summers performed a suspension lift through a one inch incision hidden in the hairline. The results are completely natural and he has no visible scars. Cost: $6,500.

Being told that you look tired all the time is never a good feeling. As we age, the brows and eyelids tend to droop, as seen in this 59 year old woman. She had a browlift, eyelid lift and mini-facelift with Dr. Summers. Now, she routinely receives compliments on how rested and youthful she appears. Cost: $15,000.

This 53 year old woman was very pleased with the elevation of her cheeks and jowls following a One Hour Facelift with Dr. Summers. She also had a brow lift procedure. She has maintained her good results over 5 years without any other facial rejuvenation procedures.

Cost: $10,500

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