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Skin Rx Photos

Dr. Summers One Hour Facelift was customized to work with the contours of this [X] year old woman’s face, demonstrating minimal downtime. The cheeks and jowls were elevated. Laser treatments were also performed to help improve skin texture and appearance.

Cost: $10,500

This 35-year-old woman had been bothered by her thigh cellulite since she was a teenager. After a series of fat reduction and cellulite treatments at the PURE MedSpa, she has permanent improvement in the appearance of her legs. Her contours are improved, and her skin is much smoother. Photos are taken without a flash to show the true appearance in the reduction of cellulite.

Cost: $7,500

As we age, we tend to lose volume in our mid-face. A flat or hollowed-out cheek creates an aged appearance. The combination of acne scars and mid-face volume loss results in a more “harsh” or “stern” look. Dr. Summers used a combination of laser resurfacing and liquid facelift injections to smooth the skin and restore volume. Now, this 47 year old man looks years younger. He has a softer appearance and receives compliments from friends and co-workers.

Cost: $8,500

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