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Before & After Photos

Necklift Procedure Photos

This 45 year old woman had her brows, face, and neck lifted to accentuate her existing features while also getting rid of sagging. After 4 months, she is enjoying a more youthful, rested appearance.

Cost: $15,000

This 60 year old gentleman could not be happier with the results of his Eyelid lift and Necklift. He looks rested and more youthful, but completely natural. He has retained an “age appropriate” masculine appearance, and has no scars around his ears. Cost: $9,500.

As seen here, in our mid-60’s the central face drops towards the jawline and fluctuations in weight can cause the neck skin to sag. Upper eyelid skin can also droop, sometimes unevenly. After surgery, a more youthful appearance is obtained by removing the excess upper eyelid and neck skin, and simultaneously lifting the cheeks. Eyelid Lift, Facelift, Necklift.

Cost: $12,500

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