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One Hour SMART Facelift

One Hour SMART Facelift Photos

This 52-year-old woman had significant improvements in her appearance after Dr. Summers performed a One Hour SMART Facelift and liposuction of the neck. Her incredible results have held up for more than 5 years. Her before and after results were featured in New Beauty magazine.

Cost: $7,000

Dr. Summers performed a One Hour Facelift on this 59-year-old woman. She is shown here before and one month after the procedure. The cheeks and jowls were elevated. Her jawline is significantly improved, resulting in a more youthful appearance. She remains pleased more than 4 years after her procedure.

Cost: $7,000

To demonstrate how good a patient can look just 24-hours after a facelift, this 49-year-old woman is shown here before and one-day after the SMART Facelift procedure. Her cheeks and jowls were elevated, providing more youthful fullness to the midface and a more angular jawline. No other procedures were performed. Minor bruising is present but will be easily concealed with makeup. She returned to work the same day. Her procedure was featured on Washington DC WUSA Channel 9 News in a cover story. Over three years following the procedure, she remains very pleased with the results.

Cost: $7,000

This 49-year-old woman shown before and just one-day after Dr. Summers’ One Hour Facelift procedure. The cheeks, jowls and corner of the mouth are elevated. No other procedures were performed. With just a bit of concealer, she is ready for social activities less than 24 hours after her procedure. She was a featured patient in a Washington DC WUSA Channel 9 cover story about Dr. Summers’ new facelift technique. Over 3 years following her procedure, she continues to be very pleased with her results.

Cost: $7,000

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